2 In 1 Magnifying Floor Lamp 5X & Floor Lamp

2 In 1 Magnifying Floor Lamp 5X & Floor Lamp

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1、 5X magnification is enough to help you read or do manual work, flexible gooseneck can adjust the height to suit yourself.The clear glass lenses to provide you with true visual effects without distortion allows you can easily see the smallest details in your fine work, reduced eye strain.
2、A cover is designed on the glass lenses, which can be put down when you are not using the magnifying glass function to prevent dust.In addition, it can avoid causing fire in direct sunlight.Magnifying glass lenses are convex lenses. If you put the magnifying glass lamp near by your sofa or above the wooden floor, it is easy to ignite in the sun for a long time, which is very dangerous if you don't notice it in time.


3、LED lights are placed around the lens of the magnifying glass, which works even in dim light or in the dark.Heat output cooler than incandescent and halogen lamps providing safer light.Energy efficient LED bulbs ,no flicker, no dazzle, meanwhile very healthy to the eye.
4、When you close the lid on the magnifying glass, you can use it as a regular floor lamp.6500K,500 lumen the brightness is sufficient for daily iIllumination.On-OFF switch, easy to operate.

5、The weighted, high-stability base ensures that no one, including kids or pets will knock it over easily.
6、We will do strict quality inspection before the products leave the factory. If you encounter any problems after receiving the products, don't worry, please contact us. We will have a professional team to help you solve them.

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For you to read, do handwork, do needlework etc. to bring convenience.

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