Full Page Magnifying LED Illuminated Floor Lamp

Full Page Magnifying LED Illuminated Floor Lamp

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1、Are you still struggling to read the words in your favorite novel?Large 8 Inches x 10 Inches 3 times magnification shade with built in LEDs for enhanced reading.The flat surface of the magnifying lens does not appear to distort ,there will be no feeling of dizziness when used for a long time.
2、Measures 57 Inches in height,soft and flexible gooseneck.This is a good height to use next to the sofa,you can easily adjust the height or Angle of the magnifying lens.PMMA lens is thinner and lighter than those made of glass,it takes less effort to carry.

CF-001F (1)

3、Energy efficient LED bulbs ,no flicker, no dazzle, meanwhile very healthy to the eye.And there are no superfluous complex function switches,just whit a easily accessible push on/off switch.Convenient handle on shade to direct light where needed.
4、The lamp must be installed for the safety and soundness of the base, this is the case, is more solid use.Don't worry about it being easily knocked over by your baby or pet.When you are not using the lamp, remember to move it to a place where the sun cannot reach it directly.

5、We will do strict quality inspection before the products leave the factory. If you encounter any problems after receiving the products, don't worry, please contact us. We will have a professional team to help you solve them.

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Customized brown mail box: 36.5*13*52cm

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When you do manual, reading, sewing can use it, 8 x 10 inches of large area to use more comfortable and clear.With LED lights at the edge of the lens, there is no shadow even at night.

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