LED table lamp with clamp

LED table lamp with clamp

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1、Used smooth touch control, stepless dimming and memory setup. More convenient and flexible tooperate,children and the elderly can also operate it easily. Touch button is cold material, even after a long time of use will not be hot.
2、If your workbench or table has a small usable area,you can choose it to use.Clipped on flat surface with thickness up to 5cm, saving space of your desk, workbench or table. The clamp of metal qualitative material is more stable, no matter how you adjust the position of lamp holder, it can be stable on desktop or work platform.
3、LED lamp beads as light source, no flicker, more eye protection than traditional incandescent lamps, 12w LED bright enough to light up your room. The shines a bright 900-1000 Lumens – yet only draws 12W of electricity power .
4、Three color temperature:6000K-4500K-3000K, cool white,warm white ,warm yellow.And stepless dimming10%-100% of brightness adjustment, to meet the needs of various scenes.Put it in your office to help you work, next to the sofa in your living room so that you can see your novel better, or next to the easel in your study to light up your draw .
5、Have a long lifetime:50000h. Compared with ordinary bulbs, LED beads are not easy to break and do not need to be replaced frequently. Even if used for a long time will not be hot. Simple appearance design, durable and not out of date.

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Customized brown mail box: 24*6.5*37CM

Carton size and weight

55*38.5*26CM (8pcs/ctn); 8KGS

Application :

Lighting can be provided for reading, sewing, repair etc.

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