Touch control led table lamp

Touch control led table lamp

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1、 The LED desk lamp creates no flicker, no dizzy light, no shadow and soft light, which avoids eye fatigue caused by flickering light and harsh glare effectively, desk lamp is ideal for reading, study for long time.12w LED bright enough to light up your room. The shines a bright 900-1000 Lumens – yet only draws 12W of electricity power .
2、Used smooth touch control, stepless dimming and memory setup. More convenient and flexible tooperate,children and the elderly can also operate it easily. Touch button is cold material, even after a long time of use will not be hot.
3、The gooseneck allows you to point the light where you need it.Position the lamp head below eye level so light. shines on your work, not in your eyes,to protect your eyes and to give you a better use experience.
4、The Bright Reader LED lamp is rated at 50,000 hours, so your new lamp will last 20 years, so you NEVER have to worry about replacing bulbs or re-wiring a ballast .
5、Heavy base keeps your lamp upright so pets and kids won’t knock it over. Adjustable Desk Lamp arm lets you position the light exactly where you need it.
6、We will carry out strict quality inspection before the products are sold.If you have any quality problems after receiving the goods, please contact us, we will have a professional after-sales staff to help you solve this problem.

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Brown mail box:25.5*18*33CM

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6500K cool white desk lamp with stepless dimming, easily adjust the brightness by touch. Cool white lighting great suit for working, studying, reading.

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